Bulk SMS & Emails

Linksys Intelligence is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer. The BulkSMS gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide. Bulk SMS is nothing but a tool or service through which you can market your product and services.

Bulk email marketing has become one of the most popular modes of marketing a product or service. It is helpful in generating brand visibility and awareness through tools like email newsletters and bulk email.

Features or Usage of Bulk SMS Services :

  •  You can directly communicate with your customers.
  •  Send booking confirmation details directly.
  •  Promote or Market your available packages directly to the customers & generate profit.
  •  Contact your customers directly by using these SMS Services at very affordable rates.
  •  You can send Messages in Bulk quantity.
  •  Send any Information Messages, confirmation Messages on bookings etc.
  •  You can also approve your fixed Messages to send Messages to DND numbers also.
  •  You can also send Messages with your company name as a Sender Id.

We have two routes in Bulk SMS (1) Transactional Route (2) Promotional Route

Transactional Route

Were you can send messages to all DND & non DND numbers with your 6-digit alphabetical sender id as (LNKSYS) instead of any 6 digit code.

  •  24 hrs service with Instant delivery of the messages.
  •  Sender ID Should Contain 6 Pure Alphabets Only.
  •  Delivery Ratio :- 100%
  •  Database :- N/A.
  •  API Available :- HTTP, XML , SMPP.
  •  Documents Required For Service Activation(Undertaking Or Agreement For NDNC)
  •  SMS Matters Will Be Informational Only.

Promotional Route

Were you can send any type of Messages without any approval but only to non DND numbers with 6 digit numerical code as (LNKSYS).

  •  Sender ID Should Contain 6 Pure Alphabets Only.
  •  Delivery Ratio :- 100%
  •  SMS Sending Time :- 9 Am To 9 Pm.
  •  Database :- Free.
  •  API Available :- HTTP, XML , SMPP.
  •  No Documents Required For Service Activation.
  •  No Restrictions On SMS Matters.

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